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Carti Crystals Bath Bomb Set


⟡ Our Carti Crystals Bath Bomb Set has been highly requested to be on our website and is one of our bestselling products! We worked closely with a local manufacturer to bring you the highest quality of crystal bath bombs while keeping the cost of them low. These bath bombs are incredible not only to soak in the energy of each crystal, they are made with shea butter to leave your skin feeling buttery soft without any trace of grease. 

⟡ In this set, you will receive 6 crystal bath bombs specially curated by us: 

1. Everlasting Serenity with lavender and Amethyst for inner peace, calmness & wisdom. 

2. Spiritual Exploration with ocean mist and Lapis Lazuli for intuition, truth & expression. 

3. Radiant Energy with lemon citrus and Citrine for prosperity, joy & energy.

4. Mental Clarity with peppermint, vanilla and Clear Quartz for purity, spiritual growth and cleansing. 

5. New Opportunities with eucalyptus and Aventurine for confidence, wealth and prosperity. 

6. Unconditional Love with landon rose and Rose Quartz for self-love, abundance and compassion.  



Carti Crystals Bath Bomb Set



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