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"Athena" Faceted Clear Quartz Bracelet


⟡ Our "Athena" Faceted Clear Quartz bracelet features a gold chain, fully adjustable with top quality Clear Quartz faceted beads sandwiched between gorgeous dainty gold flower charms. This bracelet is one of our favorites because it is simple, yet extremely elegant and classy. 

 Our Carti Bracelet Collection consists of custom made, curated bracelets that are all individually unique in their own way. Each style in this collection have their own unique features, beads and charms chosen by us! They are extremely versatile and functional because you can customize them to your preferred fit. These bracelets look so cute stacked with other crystal bracelets and are so cute for casual, everyday wear! 

 Clear Quartz is known as the master healer of crystals and is absolutely essential to have in your collection. Clear Quartz is one of the most widely known crystals, as well as the most abundant stone found in the entire world. It is known to increase the energies of other crystals around it by absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating all energy flow. 

⟡ Approximately 7-8 mm

 Please note that the bracelet you receive may be different than the ones pictured. Each piece in the batch is individually unique & will be chosen intuitively. 

"Athena" Faceted Clear Quartz Bracelet



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