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"Faye" Blue Chalcedony Bracelet


 Our custom made "Faye" Bracelet Collection are available in Aquamarine, Blue Chalcedony, Girasol Quartz, Rose Quartz and Selenite. Our "Faye" Collection is Hillary's personal favorite out of our entire jewelry collection and she wears one everyday! This bracelet features a stretchy gold band, the cutest dainty gold butterfly charm adjoined with a dangly clear faceted bead and pastel Blue Chalcedony beads.

 Our Carti Bracelet Collection consists of custom made, curated bracelets that are all individually unique in their own way. Each style in this collection have their own unique features, beads and charms chosen by us! They are extremely versatile and functional because you can customize them to your preferred fit. These bracelets look so cute stacked with other crystal bracelets and are so cute for casual, everyday wear! 

 Blue Chalcedony is an extremely soothing and nurturing stone, perfect for those who struggle with anxiety. This stone can also improve our memory and boost listening skills as well as communication skills. Blue Chalcedony also has the ability to instill feelings of generosity, empathy and compassion. 

⟡ Approximately 7-8mm

 Please note that the bracelet you receive may be different than the ones pictured. Each piece in the batch is individually unique & will be chosen intuitively. 

"Faye" Blue Chalcedony Bracelet



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