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Mini Smoky Quartz Kitsune

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⟡ If you're familiar with us, ya'll know how much we love sourcing nine-tailed fox kitsune carvings. These adorable Mini Smoky Quartz Kitsune carvings are perfect for those who collect kitsune carvings and they even have drill holes to make jewelry out of. However, if you don't make jewelry, the drill holes are unnoticeable and these carvings self stand on their own! 

⟡ Smoky Quartz is known as the "ultimate grounding stone" for many reasons. This stone is amazing for those who suffer from anxiety and depression as it helps us release any negative energy that we may be holding onto. It is an incredible tool for us personally for meditation, since it is able to help us relieve our anxiety and be mindful and in the moment. 

⟡ Approx 1" 

Please note that the bracelet you receive may be different than the ones pictured. Each piece in the batch is individually unique & will be chosen intuitively.

Mini Smoky Quartz Kitsune



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